The Rise of Asian Security Regionalism: An Area of Rivalry or Cooperation for the Regional and Global Players?

By Visne Korkmaz.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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New Regionalism or regionalization (as a process) is usually seen as a by-product of the globalization and the direct result of the increased economic interaction among not only regional actors but also between regional and global players. However, regionalism (as a policy) has a deeper meaning than process and interaction. It usually denotes a political attempt for the construction of the regional orders and for the adaptation of the regional actors to the global order. The current security agendas of the global actors (the description of new threats and the instruments of fighting against these new threats) made almost all the regions a operation area of the global security strategies. Hence the convergence between regional and global security perspectives gained importance and security regionalism turned to be one of the important scene of dialogue between regional and global players.
Since the end of the Cold War, East and Southeastern Asia emerged as an example of such kind of regionalism attempts. Meanwhile number of scholars has observed the potential for regional order from the new and old regional initiatives in Asia such as expanded ASEAN, ASEAN regional Forum, East Asian Summit Community, and APEC and so on. However, one can also perceive that there are divergences in the security visions of the actors and these divergences can be mirrored in different frameworks of the security regionalism. Within this context, this brief presentation will try to make an assessment about the future of Asian regionalism initiatives and to answer the question of whether the security rivalry or cooperation will be emerge from Asian regional order.

Keywords: Regional Security, Regional Initiatives in Asia, Regional Security Order

Global Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp.185-192. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.229MB).

Dr. Visne Korkmaz

Lecturer, Department of International Relations and Political Science, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

She is Dr and lecturer in Yildiz Technical University. Her area of interests is including theory of IR, security studies, regional security, the current developments in the former Soviet Republics and East, Southeast and Northeast Asia, regional politics and regional identities such as Asianism and Eurasianism. She has number of publications on these themes such as; “The New Power Calculations and ‘Structured’ Relations in the Fluctuating Security Environment of Eurasia” in Contentious Issues of Security and the Future of Turkey, Nursin Atesoglu Guney (ed.), Ashgate Publications, January 2007. Symphonic Personality, Nature and Survival, Russian Idea and Ideal, Turkish, Alev Publications, Istanbul, January 2007.


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