Organisational Development and Globalisation: A Case Study on Minimising Cultural Obstacles to Patient Care

By Kasim Randeree.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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The dialogue of globalisation often neglects to address issues of cultural and social sensitivity where globally important issues need to be tackled at a geographically regional and local level. One such issue is the importance of women’s healthcare in the Middle East. In a region of the world where personal modesty often takes precedent over appropriate healthcare being sought, the global recognition of the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer being important in its effective treatment is having an impact on how the global community addresses regional customs in the case of globally relevant issues. Despite significant medical advances in the management of breast cancer, there remain many barriers which are limiting the ability to further develop early diagnosis and treatment of the disease from a global perspective. An earlier case-based study had drawn attention to social and cultural difficulties in the healthcare system within a Middle Eastern diaspora particularly due to delays in early detection and timely treatment of breast cancer. Following the identification of the main causes underlying delays in breast cancer detection, corrective measures to establish an efficient management system enabled the transformation of societal and cultural disadvantages into opportunities for positive change. Consequently, in an effort to minimise delays and reduce rising mortality figures in the Arab World, a breast cancer management plan was proposed. This paper thus addresses the process to introduce much needed improvement in the healthcare industry in the Arab World, by examining breast cancer management in the region, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a potential model for change in the broader Middle East and Islamic World.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Women, Management, Middle East, Arabian Gulf, United Arab Emirates

Global Studies Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp.109-114. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 529.352KB).

Dr. Kasim Randeree

Lecturer, Programme Director, Faculty of Business, The British University in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Kasim Randeree is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Business at The British University in Dubai and Visiting Lecturer to The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Dr. Randeree has conducted numerous research and development projects across the Arabian Gulf and North Africa. He has editorial responsibilities with four international journal publications and has published over 40 peer reviewed articles. He is a Member of the Association of Project Managers as well as the Institute for Leadership and Management. His research interests are broadly within organisational development and theory, with emphasis on structure, leadership, diversity and multiculturalism and Islamic heritage. His particular interests in multiculturalism and diversity in human resource management, the advancement of management education in the Middle East and Islamic and contemporary perspectives on leadership and management, have brought him numerous accolades and supporting publications both internationally and across the region. Dr. Randeree is the Director of the Organisational Studies Research (OSR) group which has the five Special Interest Groups (SIG) - Project Management, Managing People in Organisations, Leadership, Organisations in Theory and Practice and Learning.


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