The Effect of National Cultural Tendency on Management Behavior and Its Effectiveness: ComparingTaiwanese and US Managers

By Tung-Zong Chang.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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National cultural tendency plays an important role in influencing work-related values and attitudes. The U.S. has been described as an individualist culture; whereas Taiwan has been known for its collectivist values. We review their national cultural tendencies based on four distinct patterns: Horizontal Collectivism (HC), Vertical Collectivism (VC), Horizontal Individualism (HI), and Vertical Individualism (VI). Studies showed that Taiwanese are more VC and less HI than their U.S. counterparts while they are similar in HC and VI tendency. Based on a survey on a sample of managers in Taiwan and the U.S., a cross-country comparison yields many interesting findings. The US managers employ supportive and directive management styles more than their Taiwanese counterparts; whereas the Taiwanese managers adopt a stronger participative style. In collaboration, the US managers have the benefit of a higher common-goal relationship, while the Taiwanese managers have a stronger sense of mutual dependency. Furthermore, the US sample reports a higher degree of conflict between the management and subordinates, but possesses a higher degree of market orientation than the Taiwan sample. Important implications and future research directions are provided.

Keywords: National Cultural Tendency, Leadership, Collaboration, Market Orientation, Vertical Collectivism, Horizontal Individualism

Global Studies Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp.53-60. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 834.191KB).

Dr. Tung-Zong Chang

Professor, School of Business, Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado, USA

Professor Chang has been a marketing educator since 1980s at a number of universities in the States and in his native country, Taiwan. His main teaching interests are marketing strategy, international marketing and marketing research. Dr. Chang has over 10+ journal publications in Supply Chain Management, Psychology of Marketing, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, International Marketing Review, etc., and numerous professional presentations at national and international conferences such as AMA and AMS conferences. He is currently working on research in e-business management, leadership behavior, corporate marketing culture, and service quality management. Professor Chang received his Ph.D. in Marketing and MBA from University of Missouri-Columbia, and BBA from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.


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