Globalization and Commercialization of Culture: Analyzing the Consumer Attitude and Response of the Youth of Dhaka City

By Muntasir Masum.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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Can we find a single global space where globalization fails to stretch its hand? Possibly not, Bangladesh is just another name on the list. Since 1990s, globalization has had strong influences on the social, economic and cultural sphere of Bangladesh, more specifically, on the lives of its young generation. A quantitative approach with self-administered survey questionnaire was used to conduct this research. This study is an attempt to delve into the issue how global culture, rooted in globalization, created zeal in changing consumer attitude and response of the youth in Bangladesh by promoting similar patterns of information and communication exposure, consumption of food, trendy fashion, westernized and fusion music, and family ties and life. These are mere reflection of what Wallerstein, Rosenau, Gilpin, Held, Appadurai and Giddens thought predominant factors to evaluate system encouraging chains between core and peripheral producers and consumers.

Youths in Dhaka City have willingly immersed with the ongoing cultural transformation and are changing their practices with each new product that are being marketed with commercial interests underlying the product. Such response and acceptance of global cultural product serve globalized corporations their desired benefits and form a global monoculture. Exclusive practicing of and proper response to global cultural products from youths create enough space for globalized corporations to market suitable commercial products to fulfill the insatiable demands of younger generation which initiate the inevitable cultural transformation. Based on empirical data, this study thus concludes that consumer attitude and response of the youth of Dhaka City is mediating the relationship between globalization and commercialization of Culture.

Keywords: Globalization, Global Culture, Consumer Attitude and Response, Commercialization of Culture, Commercial Interest, Cultural Transformation

Global Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp.71-82. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 629.929KB).

Muntasir Masum

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Muntasir Masun earned a B.S.S. Honors, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka. He worked for the National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT) funded research in collaboration with Siam Health Care as Research Assistant in the study entitled “Research Study to Assess Current Unmet Need of Family Planning and Develop Policy Recommendations” from March 3, 2010 to March 28, 2010. Previously he worked as Research Assistant in the “Final Evaluation Report of the HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Project” conducted by CONCERN WORLDWIDE Bangladesh from 18 December 18, 2008 to December 23, 2008 and conducted a research on SIDR affected people in Kuakata, Patuakhali with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as the major mode of data collection instrument, June 08, 2008 to June 12, 2008.


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