Anger Expression and Coping Styles Used by Secondary School Students

By Nor Shafrin Ahmad, Nor Hashimah Hashim and Hairul Nizam Ismail.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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Anger is a normal expression of feelings shown by an individual. Uncontrollable anger can disrupt self-functionality. This study seeks to identify the causes of anger, anger expression and ways of controlling anger among secondary school students. A total of 103 secondary school students around Penang were involved as research respondents. The information was obtained through questionnaire using open-ended questions. Findings were then analysed using content analysis and the main categories were formed for each related theme. The findings showed that 61.2% (63) of pupil’s anger resulted from other individuals. In addition, the causes of anger are grouped into three main categories: 1) external factors such as family and friends, 2) disruption of work, and 3) internal cause, which comes from the students themselves. Expressions of anger shown by students were categorised into instrumental anger and reactive anger. Anger control is further divided into three main categories, namely positive and negative avoidance, positive and negative emotion and problem solving. Overall, anger was found to have more negative effects than positive effects to the students. These effects implied that anger should be controlled and should be addressed seriously.

Keywords: Anger, Anger Expression, Controlling Anger, Adolescents

Global Studies Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp.197-210. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 799.966KB).

Dr. Nor Shafrin Ahmad

Lecturer, School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia

Nor Shafrin earned her B.Ed. and M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling) in University Pertanian Malaysia and University Sains Malaysia respectively. She completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology at University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Earlier she worked in secondary schools for six years as guidance and counseling teacher. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Educational Studies, University Sains Malaysia. Her research mostly focused on trauma management and crisis intervention (sexual abuse), group and individual counseling, and adolescence emotion. She is also a professional and qualified counselor, registered by Counselor Board under The Counselor’s Act 1998. She had wrote a book title “Management Record of Counseling and Guidance Service” and active presenting paper in seminars. She also wrote research articles for national journals. In terms of contribution to the society, she was actively involved in giving motivational talks and giving counseling talk to staff of National Anti-Drugs Agency and schools.

Prof. Dr. Nor Hashimah Hashim

Lecturer, School Of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia

Nor Hashimah Hashim is an Associate Professor in the Early Childhood Education at School of Educational Studies, University Sains Malaysia. She received her MEd. and PhD at University of Leeds, United Kingdom focusing on primary education. Earlier she worked in primary and secondary schools for six and three years respectively. Currently, she is a program chairperson for BEd. Preschool Education) and teaches undergraduate programs in early childhood curriculum. Her research interests focus teaching and learning at preschool, primary and secondary levels. Her current research projects were funded by the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) and Research University (RU) Grant concern on developing instrument and benchmark for learning environment and adolescence emotion. She had published a number of research papers and articles in national and international journals, produced teaching and learning modules for preschool, primary and secondary school students.

Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail

Lecturer, School Of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia

Ass. Prof. Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail is currently a faculty member at the School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia in the area of educational psychology. Dr. Hairul has taught, consulted, researched, and written various topics related to learning and cogniton, multiple intelligence, as well as problem and project based learning.


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