Globalization and Transformation in the Local Music Classroom

By Emma Rodríguez Suárez.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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Diversity and multicultural music education have been frequent themes at conferences in recent years. Each generation brings unique perspectives to a dynamic society. The Internet has resulted in a globalization and transformation of our teaching environment. As part of this, world music is immediately accessible through a variety of media and can be embraced as an aide to music educators in the classroom. In response to these changing needs and opportunities, the classroom has become a glorious mosaic, one in which the emphasis begins to shift from ‘diversity’ to ‘universality’. The purpose of this paper is 1) to discuss the local classroom as a vehicle of globalization, pushing beyond its physical walls; 2) to make the teaching environment porous through a process of creating transparency in the attainment of knowledge; and 3) to create a process of musical osmosis nourished by the equalization of cultures. It is time for this potential to be explored.

Keywords: Globalization, Universality, Music, Music Education, Music and Education, Local Classroom

Global Studies Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp.39-44. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 543.794KB).

Dr. Emma Rodríguez Suárez

Assistant Professor in Music Education, Music Education, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA

Emma Rodríguez Suárez was born and raised in the Canary Islands, Spain. She holds a Ph.D. in M.Ed. from the University of Toronto. Dr. Rodríguez Suárez holds a Level III Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Training certificate and a Kodály Certificate from the Kodály Musical Training Institute. She was awarded an Artist-Teacher Certificate by the Association for Choral Music Education and she also holds a Creating Artistry Conductors Workshop Level III certificate. Dr. Rodríguez Suárez has studied music learning theory under Edwin Gordon. Dr. Rodríguez Suárez is the author of Canciones de mi Tierra Española: Islas Canarias/Songs of my Spanish Land: Canary Islands and has published numerous articles. She has presented many workshops both nationally and internationally, most recently at the Musica Ficta 2008 Conference in Toronto, Canada. She has also received numerous grants and awards. Dr. Rodríguez Suárez presently teaches music education at Syracuse University.


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