Toward a Validation of Anthony Giddens’ Globalization

By Dominik Solowiej and Nicholas C. Georgantzas.

Published by The Global Studies Journal

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To understand the dynamic complexity of the social phenomena that people
bundle together and call globalization, this study presents a dynamic model
of the recursive relations and mutual causal links among technology,
institutional structures, beliefs and social behavior, which Anthony
Giddens has posited. Common in the system dynamics (SD) modeling method and
in organization theory, causal loop diagramming (CLD) shows the mutual
evolution of the recursive balancing and reinforcing feedback-loop
relations between social structure and human agency, the very dynamic
processes that support and inhibit globalization. Our data confirm that his
theory of structure might be a critical globalization determinant, as
Giddens himself uses it to overcome the structure-agency dualism. The
sociological analysis of the globalization process incorporates not only
favorable conditions, such as the development of telecommunications
technology and world economy integration, but also progress incentives,
such as political transformations, transnational corporation performance,
and information and technology transfers. Last but not least, experimental
results incorporate the effects of globalization phenomena connecting with
culture. Taken together, these three strands outline the components of our
dynamic model and results, which render social policy responsible for the
emergence of our social systems and allow reflecting both on his
consequences of modernity and on Giddens' third-way political philosophy,
which emphasizes education and technological development.

Keywords: Globalization, Giddens, Political Philosophy, Social Policy, System Dynamics

Global Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp.109-126. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.738MB).

Dominik Solowiej

Lecturer, Bialystok School of Public Administration, Białystok, Podlaskie, Poland

Dominik Sołowiej is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at the Bialystok School of Public Administration, Poland. He is also a reviewer of “National and International Studies. Public Administration” and a journalist of TV Bialystok and “Marketing News” website.

Nicholas C. Georgantzas

Professor, Fordham University Business Schools, New York, New York, USA

Nicholas C. Georgantzas is Professor, Management Systems, and Director, System Dynamics Consultancy, Fordham University Business Schools, New York, NY, USA. Both an Associate and Guest Editor, System Dynamics Review, he is also consultant to senior management as well as a forensic economist, specializing in simulation modeling for learning in strategy, production and business process (re) design. Author of Scenario-Driven Planning (Greenwood, 1995), has published expansively in refereed scholarly journals, conference proceedings and edited books. Mostly transdisciplinary, his research interests, publications and consulting entail systems thinking, knowledge technology and strategy design, focusing on the necessary theory and tools for learning in and about the dynamically complex systems in which we all live.


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